2013 KY Deer Hunt

by: Jeremy England

Well, despite a pitfall or two, we managed to get Hoggin tagged out while he was with us. Chris came in to stay with us for a few days and hunt with me this season. After having two other hunting spots shut down prior to Chris getting in, we still managed a great hunt despite that.

A ton of acorns and less than optimal weather made hunting rough on the first two days. My go-to spot netted a fleeting glimpse at one deer. The second afternoon, we came outta the blind and hit the stands. I saw a big doe and a yearling, but never got a shot due to the brush. After dark, we pulled the blind to set up the next morning where I saw the doe and yearling. 

Before daylight, we eased in and set up the blind. A hard front was pushing thru and I was confident we'd see deer on this sit from the blind. It was cold and still as we sat, watching the oak flat sandbar across the creek. 

Shortly after the sun came over the ridges, we heard several shots on the backside of the ridge, actually sounded like a young war had opened up. I told Chris that maybe it'd get them moving down off the ridges. 

A short time later, we heard a lone shot from the same area. I was watching something rolling steam outta the creek and Chris spied it as well. It was a doe, she was obviously hurt and she bedded down in a cut in the creek bank about 100 yards out. We watched her for some 15 minutes or so before she got up.

Chris quickly decided to put a round in her to ease her suffering. He got on her with the Smith 29 DX and got a round off. As soon as he shot, she bolted towards us. Like magic, Chris tapped me on the shoulder. A buck was chasing her down the creek! The got to the end of the sandbar while Chris was lining up for a shot and turned. Chris wad ready and put the 240 Sierra right in the boiler room.

It was fast & furious folks! I was trying to run the camera, get back on the doe for a finish shot, all while trying to scoot around in the blind to get Chris on the buck! I've had some good hunts, but this one, by far, takes the cake!! Chris was great company both in the blind and kicked back at home. That, combined with a great sense of being an ethical and responsible hunter, made it a joy to hunt alongside him. It was a hunt I'll remember for many years to come folks!!

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