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The Franken-Ruger started as an experiment in revolver accuracy.  We wanted to apply concepts from the rifle world to the revolver to see just how accurate we could make it.

A common problem when shooting a wheelgun is achieving accuracy from a rested position.  When you rest the barrel of a wheelgun you change the point of impact as compared to resting or holding the wheelgun in another manor.  This same concept holds true for rifles as well. So we set out to fix that problem by making a free float shroud for the revolver.  The shroud allows you to rest the front of the revolver and spread out your distance between the front and rear support thus making you more stable.

We also took another key concept from the precision rifle world.  We eliminated any odd shapes from the barrel.  We removed the front sight, ejector rod cut outs, and rib.  This left us with a round barrel thus improving the harmonics of the barrel and making the gun shoot more consistently.

Since recoil in a handgun or any firearm in a hinderence on follow through we included a muzzle brake in our design which reduces flip and recoil.

And of course we do a premium trigger and action job to top it off.

The standard Franken-Ruger package includes barrel, brake, shroud, scope mount, and finish work for $1195 on the customers supplied Gp-100 or Redhawk

The Franken-Ruger