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Post event Prairie Dog Instructions:


HHC is a handgun competition set up to mimic actual hunting situations.  Participants will have to pick a field position of their choosing and engage targets at known distances.  The focus is placed on accuracy with more points being awarded for first round hits.  This competition is designed for handguns carried afield by the majority of handgun hunters. 


Targets will be steel plates that represent reasonable “kill zone” size targets for big game animals.  Each stage will have a theme such as Elk, deer, antelope, vermin, and so on.  Targets will be placed in positions the planners of the match have actually encountered in the field.  


Each stage will have a reasonable time limit.  Targets can be engaged in any order the shooter chooses.  Scoring will be 2 points for a first round hit, if you miss your first round and can immediately follow it up and connect you get 1 point.  


We will have the following divisions and participants are encouraged to participate in more than one.  One gun per division only please.


Revolver/Auto pistol Iron Sights:  Any safe revolver or auto pistol with a .358 bore or larger with traditional iron sights. Large PPC or globe style sights are not allowed.  Fiber optic, gold bars, painted, and so on are permitted.


Revolver/Auto pistol optics: Any safe revolver fitted with a scope or red dot sight .358 bore or larger.


Single Shot Pistol: Any brand/make of single shot pistol with any optic or sights.  Total weight of the pistol with all attachments must be under 7.5 lbs.  This includes optics, bipods, suppressors, or any other attachment you wish to use in the match.  The pistol must be 6mm or larger chambered in a round deemed safe in an Original Contender.  If the round was ever chambered for a contender by any major company it is permitted.


The participants must also provide their shooting rests for field use.  The total weight of these field rests can not exceed 3.5 lbs and this includes any bi pods or mono pods that may be attached to the handguns.  Examples would be shooting sticks, small field bags, slings, and so on.  Tri pods, hog saddles, or any other rest that is capable of holding the firearm on its own is prohibited. 



            Since many targets will be close expanding point or lead bullets are mandatory.  Small open tip type match bullets or FMJ bullets are not permitted due to the increased risk of steel damage.  Please no plated bullets due to deflection risk.  NO STEEL CORE BULLETS.


Courses of Fire Specifications:


            Revolvers and auto pistols will have most of their targets from 30 yards to 200 yards.  This is the very same distances that people have shot silhouette competitions to for decades.  A few targets will go beyond 200 yards but will be larger.  This is just to push shooters to separate the pack.


Plenty of time will be allowed for revolvers, both swing out cylinder and single actions, to reload.  Speed loaders are not required.


Single shot pistols will have a maximum distance around 450 yards with most targets being under 300 yards.


Each station will have a shooters box marked on the ground with multiple natural field rests available.  The participant will have their choice of which natural rest they want to use.  Examples include trees, logs, rocks, the ground(prone), or any position you can come up with using your shooting sticks.  The participant will have to “play it as they find it”.  They will not be permitted to move items or bring more items (besides their provided field rests) this includes removing grass or shrubs from the shooters box.


Expect targets to be partially obscured, have limited exposure, or to be hanging behind cardboard animal shapes representing the vitals.


Targets will be arranged in a manor to make the single shot pistol division even between break action designs and bolt action designs.


HHC will take place in Newcastle, Wyoming in June 2021.  The final date will be set after WY-SHOT and MOA set their dates so participants can attend all three events if they like.


This is designed to be a fun match that will build upon your hunting marksmanship skills.  New shooters will be paired with experienced shooters and you will find this to be one of the most helpful crowds.  Do not let competition intimidate you!  You will learn a lot, possibly make a life long friend, and hang out with people who have similar interests as you.


HHC Event Fees and details:


Dates: June 19, 2021


We will have a practice/training time on Friday afternoon (not mandatory)

            Match will take place on Saturday.


Fees: $50 deposit for the match.  This covers your first division entry.  $15 at the door for each additional division you wish to shoot.  You are encouraged to shoot more than one.


Following the match Saturday we will have an awards banquet that is included.


We plan to share prairie dog town locations if you would like to shoot prairie dogs Sunday.


For more information call 307-746-9740 or email


HHC also has an active FaceBook Page.

All match fees collected will go towards paying for the banquet and other incidental expenses related to the match.  All of the steel has been donated by Bayside Custom Gunworks.  All remaining monies from the match will be donated to Outdoor Adventures for the Physically Challenged.

A view where on of the stations will be from the firing point.

Match sign up form.  Please print and send in with your registration fee.

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