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R.A.A.P. packaged start at $675 on a Ruger double action and $775 on a Smith and Wesson revolver.

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What you see here is the typical accuracy from the system when combined with good ammo, good optics, and a good shooter.  The barrel is breaking in during this process and you can watch the groups shrink!  The center group is the first 6 out of the barrel.  second 12 high center is next.  Final 6 on the left target.  Groups at 75 Yards.  Groups fired 2 shots bench rest, 2 shots Bog Gear, 2 shots over the back of a chair padded with leather.  Only hits count when your hunting!

Many of you are familiar with our Franken-Rugers that came out in 2013.  The Franken-Rugers were originally designed as an experiment to test various concepts for revolver accuracy.  Once we started pulling the trigger and consistently getting sub MOA groups out to 500 yards (videos on the Franken-Ruger page) we had to keep the system going.

The R.A.A.P. system is a direct application of the lessons learned in the FR.  The R.A.A.P. lets us have a more easily holstered package that can also be more compact and practical in the field for hunting.

The R.A.A.P. system can be installed on Smith and Wesson L, N, and X frames as well as Ruger GP100 and Redhawks.

The system consists of a one piece barrel and shroud, action truing, cylinder throat uniforming, action work, trigger work, , scope base, and crane ball (for S&W).

This system is new for Fall 2017 and several will be going into the field for 2017!

S&W/Ruger Revolver Advanced Accuracy Package (R.A.A.P.)