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Bayside Custom Gunworks                   

Revolver Price List

FFL TransferN/A
Minimum shop fee$25
Technical inspection$70
Machine work$100/hr
Firearms cleaning$50-100
Drill and tap$25/hole
Instal sights (most firearms)$35
Sight in firearm$25 plus ammo
Optics mount and bore sight$35


Novak rear sight cut$75
Novak front sight cut$40
Flat top slide$75
Red dot melt in$85
Carry bevel slide$35
Carry melt package$85
Tune extractor/ejector$25
Lathe fit barrel bushing$50
Tune recoil system$25

Thread and chamber$350
Thread muzzle$85
Install and time brake$45
Cut and crown$65
Bed action$150
Add Pillars$50
Trigger job$85

Custom work requires a 50% deposit.

All work must be paid for in full 14 calendar days after completion.  After 14 days a $5.00 per day late fee will be added.  After 30 days the firearm may be sold.  We offer payment plans as an option; we understand that things happen.

1911 Price List

General Shop Services and Fees

Firearm customization is our area of expertise at Bayside Custom Gunworks!
 Our main focus is on custom handguns, but we also customize many other types of firearms.

With our full service machine shop and in-house metal finishing, we are capable of making your dream firearm a reality.  We are fully outfitted to go from a sketched out custom part or custom modification to a finished product.  We strive to do quality work and maintain the fastest turn around time in the industry.  

We stand behind every firearm we produce and/or customize.  Every firearm is test fired by me (Chris Rhodes) and will not go out to the end user until it meets our stringent accuracy and reliability standards.   

Rifle/SP Price List

Gunsmithing Services

Fit and chamber barrel


Hand fit frame to slide$155
Machine frame for .250 grip safety$75
Hand blend mag well$65
Reliability package$75
CCW trigger job$85
Target trigger job$150

Hot Bluing
Bead blast and blue$200
240 (factory) polish$200
400 polish


Master finish**POR

Metal Finishing Examples

Metal Finishing Price List

One large part$100
Handgun$200 and up
Add a second color$75 and up
Rifle$225 and up
Add a second color$75 and up

Instal pin on sights$25
Machine fixed sight gun for pin on$85
Machine for DX sights$75
General action work$100-150
Lathe bore forcing cone$85
Adjust B/C gap$65
Trigger job$85 and up
Instal new barrel$150-180
Chamfer charge holes$85
Duty bevel charge holes$35

All Prices Are Estimates And Are Subject To Change