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Bellow are some examples of how to use the Wall Bag!

The Wall Bag

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The Wall bag is our first bag being introduced.  The Wall bag is designed to be a rapidly adjustable bag to fit your gross elevation needs plus it is ergonomically designed to function properly as a squeeze bag.

A key feature for any squeeze bag is for it to be able to be held between your thumb and index finger so you can apply steady pressure through the shot.  You don't have that ability with oversized bags.  With oversized bags the gun will track down into the bag and cause erratic shot impacts.

You have three different heights you can quickly flip the bag to and they also feature a para cord loop so you can attach it to your gear.

The Wall Bag's Specs:

Construction: Ballistic Nylon

Fill: Poly Beads

Approximate Size: 4"x3"x2"

Approximate Weight: 10oz

Manufactured: One at a time in Wyoming, USA

Cost: $20